A Random Tuesday

Tuesday November 5th 2019

Today was a day to get caught up with some of life’s necessary tasks. Chief among those was restocking my food supply.

Looking south from the RV park.

I do most of my shopping at Walmart for the consistency and familiarity at different stores across the country. As is often the case when I visit a Walmart I notice the differences while appreciating the similarities. At the Walmart less than a mile from my RV home, the security measures are the most obvious difference. In the main part of the store any small item of value is in a locked case. I was looking for batteries and found them all in a locked display case. Finding someone to open the case before I lost interest in the purchase proved impossible. I’m sure if I stood around and looked suspicious someone would see me on all the surveillance cameras. I think they had as many “eyes in the sky” as the casinos.

In the grocery section of the store there are subtle differences. While you can find the familiar products, the quantity on display seems to be smaller. Additional space seems to be allocated to snacks and candy as well as ethnic foods. Last time I was here for the winter I started shopping at other Walmarts. I don’t recall why, but I think I’ll be shopping at the stores further away from home this winter as well.

Back at the RV park I got a new neighbor on my door side this afternoon. Ever since my first neighbor left on Saturday I’ve had a different neighbor each night. Each has had a defining characteristic. The first motorhome had a dead starting battery and needed assistance to get started. The owner of the fifth wheel trailer that occupied the site last night wasn’t very good at backing up. It took the driver several attempts to get properly aligned. The driver, his wife and the RV park courtesy patrol attendant assisting in parking all remained calm. I got the impression that multiple attempts backing the trailer up are the norm for the couple. Tonight’s motorhome got backed in fine even though they don’t seem to speak English. I hope a longer term resident for the site next door shows up soon.

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