What Time is it?

Sunday November 3rd 2019

The weather was not part of today’s story. It was a nice warm day appropriate for the season and the location.

Today’s primary influence was just as ordinary as the weather. It was time. The change back to standard time caused more confusion than I normally experience. I was questioning the accuracy of every clock I looked at until I wasn’t. The last clock, in my car, I forgot to distrust and it needs to be manually changed. My confusion started early with the clock in my bedroom. When the new clock read 7:28AM, I wasn’t sure if I could believe it. It’s supposed to change automatically, but I don’t recall it switching to Daylight Savings time on its own. Seven thirty was too early to get up so I decided to ignore it. Later in the day I discovered that it had not changed back to standard time. The clock was set to a time zone somewhere in Asia. Time zones turned out to be a recurring theme. One of my TVs thought it was in Arizona so it didn’t change and the satellite receiver was also set strange. Luckily, my cell phone took a charge overnight and gave me the correct time.

I set the microwave and the battery clock on my table to the correct time. Then I checked all of the devices that were supposed to adjust themselves. They had about a seventy five percent success rate. When it’s time to switch back to Daylight Savings Time, I’ll be in Arizona, so all the automatic changes will probably be confused again. Traveling through different time zones with different rules about daylight savings time requires attention. With states like Florida, Oregon and Washington requesting the Federal Government to stay on Daylight Savings Time year round and some of the New England states wanting to be in the Atlantic Time Zone, keeping track of the correct time may get harder.

While writing this blog entry, I’ve discovered two more incorrect clocks. The battery clock I turned back this morning, got set back an extra hour by my fat fingers and the timer for the lamp on the table wasn’t changed. The lights just went out.

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