Out and About on Saturday

Saturday November 2nd 2019

Today’s temperature was up a few more degrees. It was warm enough to leave my sweatshirt at home. Some people were even back in shorts today, maybe tomorrow for me if the trend continues. The high temperature was in the low seventies.

I didn’t get sucked into the college football games on TV this morning. Instead I went out in search of various things and experiences. The first challenge was putting gas in the tank. I found two types of gas stations; ones that had long lines and ones that were empty. The empty ones were at least twenty cents a gallon more expensive. I finally found a station with an available pump that wasn’t at the top end of the price spectrum. It was only $3.26 a gallon. I should have topped off the tank before I left Pahrump. Gas was about ten cents a gallon cheaper in Nye county. I’m guessing there is a higher tax here in Clark county.

While I was out I stopped for another long walk in the Clark County Wetlands Park. I wasn’t surprised to find it busier on a weekend day. It wasn’t crowded, just noisier. Voices from other visitors to the park carried across the park. I didn’t see many other people, but the sounds got in the way of enjoying the park. If I wasn’t familiar with the environment during the week, the weekend noise level probably would not have bothered me. I’ll do my walking during the week from now on.

I walked through a different area of the park today. There are two bigger ponds in this area, but I saw fewer birds in this area. The tall grasses are the big feature in this area. Many of blades are over eight feet high. The ones in the water provide shelter for the water birds. The tall grasses on land are the source for lots of mysterious noises. Animal life of some form is using the grasses for shelter. There are a few areas that look like small animal paths. I even saw several piles of scat on the walkways, but no actual animals.

Back at the RV park I have new neighbors. Judging by the amount of “stuff” they’ve unpacked and set up, these people are probably here for a longer time. I haven’t seen or met them yet.

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