Fall in India?

Friday November 1st 2019

The improving weather trend continued. The temperature reached the low seventies today. It was almost normal for the day. The forecast continues to call for improving weather conditions.

As I begin my second week of my winter stay in Las Vegas, I thought it was about time I made a pilgrimage to the strip. Specifically, I wanted to see the fall display at the Bellagio Conservatory. My plan was to get there early before all the crowds gathered, but my cell phone had other ideas. It’s getting old and the battery and power connector are getting cantankerous. It didn’t take a charge overnight, so the minute I touched it this morning it shutdown with a “dead” battery. It took a couple of hours after I reset the power cable connection.

I arrived at the strip shortly after noon. It’s about twenty minutes from my RV home. The crowds were heavy. Not only had many of weekenders from California already arrived, but it is a fight weekend. People wanting to see the fights at the MGM Grand Garden arena on Saturday night were adding to the crowds.

This year’s fall theme at the Bellagio is a little different. The display includes tigers, elephants, monkeys and a litter of foxes all decorated in colorful flowers. It seems to be a Fall in India theme. Many of the flower covered animals had some small animations. One tiger moved his head and another had an animated tail. It was a very pretty display, but taking pictures was difficult because of all the people clustered around the exhibit.

After getting a few pictures, I continued to walk through a few of the casinos on the strip. It has been over twenty months since I was last in town, so I actually saw a few new things. The Monte Carlo completed its transition into the Park MGM casino with a whole new set of restaurants near the strip where there used to be fountains. A new pedestrian bridge across the strip in front of the Park MGM will open soon.

After lunch in the food court area of the New York New York casino, I completed a loop back to Planet Hollywood and the Miracle Mile Shopping area. That is one of the only free parking garages in that area of the strip. I returned to my RV home through the heavy afternoon traffic.

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