A Warming Trend Begins

Thursday October 31st 2019

The weather is improving. The temperature reached the low sixties today and the wind was practically nonexistent. Each of the next few days is forecast to be a few degrees warmer. By the weekend it may even be above normal. Now maybe the TV news and weather people will stop talking about the cold temperature.

The rose bushes in the RV park were not impacted by the cold weathers.

I don’t know why, but I really bought into the idea that it was cold. Last year at this time I was in New England. The temperature was colder and it was often raining. I survived fine. It has to be much colder and last longer before I really feel the cold. Even so, my behavior has been influenced by all the talk about cold weather.

When I bought groceries on Tuesday, I got the ingredients for Beef Stew. Today was the day to make the stew. I dug the slow cooker out of the back of the cabinet and loaded it up with browned stew beef, onions, carrots and seasoning. The cooker is too small to take much more. I cooked the diced potatoes later on the stove in a stew pot. Once the potatoes were ready, I added the contents of the slow cooker to the potatoes and I had a few gallons of stew. It made a hardy supper and will be repeated a few times over the next few days.

With all the domestic action, I didn’t leave the RV park today. I managed to get in a couple of walks around the park for exercise. The RV park is filling up. It appears the park staff has started to combine RVs in storage on sites to produce more usable sites for active guests. When I was here two years ago, November was the busiest month, but I don’t recall it being anywhere near as busy. It will be interesting to see the activity level as the winter continues.

The residents of this park didn’t go overboard for Halloween. On my walks through the park I’ve seen a few pumpkins, an orange light or two but only a couple of sites that went all out. I did pass a guy in a golf cart giving out candy this afternoon during one of my walks. He was disappointed when I only took one piece of candy, but I’ve always been picky about candy. No point taking it if I’m not going to eat it.

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