Twenty Degrees Colder Than Normal

Wednesday October 30th 2019

Tuesday nights wind was horrible. It howled and blew from shortly after nightfall to one or two in the morning. Gusts in excess of fifty miles and hour brought trees and branches down across the Las Vegas valley. Today’s high temperature was twenty degrees below the average for the day. The temperature peaked in the low fifties this afternoon.

The overnight forecast is for freezing temperatures which don’t occur that often in Las Vegas. The TV news casts are telling people how to take care of plants, exposed pipes and themselves. I was surprised to listen to a lesson on dressing in layers to stay warm and avoid hypothermia. The concept of wind chill is getting explained in great detail. For me this is nothing. I’ve already experienced colder temperatures three times this fall in the Reno area. I expect to experience more cold nights while I’m in Las Vegas this winter, although there were only a few during my stay two years ago.

This afternoon I stopped at Sam’s Town Casino. I wanted to see the laser and fountain show in the indoor Mine Falls Park before it gets converted to the Christmas version. I probably should have waited until after dark, but I wanted to get to the casino in time for the senior’s day drawing. Wednesday is the current “50+ Young at Heart” day. They have various discounts and events for qualified players club members. One is a drawing for $250 dollars of merchandise credit or free slot play. I didn’t win, but it’s fun to watch the action at the drawing with a slight chance of winning. I’ll likely take advantage of the discount at the buffet a few times this winter, but tonight I got discouraged by the length of the line.

The fountain show was nice, but you really need darkness to see all of the laser action. It was nice to see the animated stuffed animals were in better shape than they have been. The bear in particular looked a lot more lifelike than it did in the past. The wolf and mountain lion looked about the same. For the Christmas version of the show they will probably have Santa hats or some other anthropomorphic nuance on the stuffed animals. The music will also change from western stampede to Christmas music.

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