A Little Touring and a Little Football

Sunday October 27th 2019

What a difference in the weather a day makes. Today was ten to fifteen degrees cooler than yesterday with a strong breeze out of the north and east. Today’s high temperature was just above seventy. The downward trend is forecast to continue tomorrow.

I managed to finish breakfast before the football games started on TV. Not having eating to occupy my hands and mouth while watching the TV, I didn’t get as hooked by the games when they started. I wasn’t a captive audience long enough. Shortly after noon I left the RV resort to checkout the area. I was rapidly reminded of the heavy traffic in Las Vegas, and I’m not anywhere near the tourist areas. There is some new construction in this area, but for the most part it’s the same as it was two years ago.

Toward the end of my drive, I decided to stop into Sam’s Town casino to see if the Patriots vs. Browns game was on TV. The local stations are carrying the Raiders vs. Texans game. The Raiders don’t move to town until next year, but the local population seems to have committed to the team. I found one small TV with the Pat’s game. It was below a bigger TV with the Raider’s game. In front of the TV all of the available seats and standing room was filled with cheering Raider’s fans. I could only get close enough to recognize the teams playing on the smaller TV. There was no chance of actually watching the game. I found half a dozen other TVs all with the Raider’s game.

I returned to my RV home and watched the NASCAR race from Virginia. The wreckfest at the small oval in Martinsville was fun to watch. I kept track of the Patriot score on my phone. Sometime before dark I also managed to take walk around the RV park for exercise. I did a couple of laps around the perimeter and a few of the side streets. One of the things I do on the walk is observe the origin of RVs by their license plates. The furthest away I spotted today was Maine. My fellow Florida tagged vehicles may be next, but most of us are probably full timers.

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