Establishing Routines

Monday October 28th 2019

Some cool to cold weather has arrived in the Las Vegas valley. The high temperature today was in the high fifties. Considering that parts of the area were in the mid to upper eighties on Saturday, it was a dramatic change. Still, it was very comfortable outside with full sunshine and not much wind. The forecast gives us a few degrees of temperature reprieve tomorrow, but tomorrow night and Wednesday are expected to be much cooler. They are talking about freeze warnings in the area.

View across the valley floor toward Henderson.

One of the things about this lifestyle that is hard to get used to is the lack of “routine”. When you move on every few days or weeks it is hard to establish patterns. Simple things like the time favorite TV programs are shown, or where and when to buy groceries change with every new location. One of the nice things about being in one location for a long period of time is the ability to form those “routines’. To know without much thought the when, where and what for everyday life things makes lots of things easier. Returning to a familiar area that I’ve spent a lot of time in gives me a step up in establishing routines. It also gives me time to break bad habits like staying up late watching TV and sleeping in until after 9am. I’d like to be able to get up have breakfast and take a morning walk around the RV park before getting started with the day sometime before noon. Today, I didn’t leave the inside of my RV home until around 2PM. With the changing of the clocks back one hour this weekend, I may get some help with this change.

A pair of American Coots

When I did leave my RV home, I drove about four miles to the Clark County Wetlands Park. I found this nature park with walking and bicycle trails through woodlands and around ponds near the Las Vegas wash on my last stay here. I visited the park once or twice a week two years ago. Resuming that routine, perhaps even more frequently, is on my list for this winter. Today I only walked around a small portion of the park, but I managed to see a few water birds, a turtle or two and lots of nice desert scenery.

This turtle was taking the sun long enough to dry out the top of his/her shell.

Once I got back to the park it was time for my evening walk around the park. This is one routine that I had no problem resuming. I’ve walked around the park just before dark every night since I arrived on Friday. It is interesting to note that the park has been mostly full every night.

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