Getting Settled in for the Winter

Saturday October 26th 2019

The Las Vegas area welcomed me with a warmer than normal day. The temperature for the bright sunny day peaked in the mid eighties almost ten degrees above the mid seventies norm. Tomorrow is forecast to be windy with much lower temperatures. All of next week has predicted highs in the sixties with a couple of days high temperature as low as the upper fifties.

Bright blue sky obstructed only by an occasional jet plane.

Today’s mission was to finish setting up for a long stay and generally settle in to living mode. In addition to the normal day after arrival tasks like taking the bike off the car, I need to do a few other things to protect the RV from the long term exposure to the desert sun. Today I put the covers on the tires and windshield wipers to block some of the UV radiation from the rubber. I know some people cover the wipers and tires at every stop. I’m sure it helps, but I rarely cover things up for a short stay.

Covering the tires for the winter.

Inside the RV I setup a TV Tray table as a side table by the couch and I removed most of the paper towels used as rattle suppressors in the dish cabinet. It’s nice to be able to see the dishes in the cabinet again. Other things will come out over the next few days as I continue to settle in.

Walking around the campground today I was surprised at how full the park appears. There aren’t as many open spaces as I recall from two years ago. It’s possible that the level of occupancy will go down as the winter continues, but in general things appear very busy. There seem to be many residents here from Alberta and British Columbia Canada. Many US states are represented as well. At my last two long stops in the Reno area and Pahrump, Nevada residents out numbered visitors from other states and provinces. Here Nevada has the plurality but not the majority. To me that means this park has more snowbirds, full time travelers and general RV tourists.

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