Travel Day to Las Vegas

Friday October 25th 2019

I was up early to get ready for my final travel day of the year. By a little after ten I was just about ready to hit the road for Las Vegas. That is when the first of day’s challenges arrived. I needed to find a spot to hook the car to the motorhome.

During the majority of my stay I was in a quiet part of the campground with little traffic on the road. The Nevada Day holiday weekend changed the quiet corner into a hub of activity. There was too much activity to block the road just to hook up my car. Instead I moved my car to the Casino parking lot. There was plenty of space in the lot to hook up the car. After walking back to my site, I had to wait for the garbage truck to load the dumpster before I could pull the RV out. Getting back to the casino parking lot, I found the space I had intended to use blocked by a single pickup truck. A little scrambling and I had a suitable place on the other side of the parking lot to complete the task.

The next challenge was getting my propane tank filled before stopping for the winter. The gas station at the Casino in front of the RV park has a bulk propane tank. I had to maneuver around one delivery truck to get to the tank, then immediately got blocked by another delivery truck. It took about fifteen minutes to find someone to fill the tank and pay the bill. I was still blocked by the second delivery truck when I was ready to go. It was another half an hour before I could pull out.

The third challenge was a little more routine. Having to deal with road construction is normal, but his construction was at a particularly annoying location. They are working to widen the road over the pass in the Spring Mountains. All the way up to the pass and down the other side the road was a narrow Jersey barrier constrained lane. Every time traffic had to slow down or stop for equipment my RV was back in low gear trying to get back up to speed. Normally on climbs momentum is my friend, here was hard to maintain and when I did it was the enemy to slowing down again.

The last challenge would have been worse if I wasn’t familiar with alternative routes in Las Vegas. Following the road signs I got on I-15 north expecting to get off at the next exit for I-215 around the southern side of the city. The only problem was the off-ramp for I-215 started before I got onto I-15 and I couldn’t get off. Knowing the area a little I was able to circle back around to I-215.

Site 217 at the Las Vegas RV Resort.

I arrived at the Las Vegas RV Resort around 1PM. I have the same site I had during the winter of 2017-2018. I was here for three months that winter. This time around I plan to be here for four months.

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