Last Day in Pahrump

Thursday October 24th 2019

The temperature reached the mid seventies today under a bright sunny sky. The forecast heavy wind wasn’t bad in this area. The Las Vegas valley to the southeast had reports of gusts in the thirties, but it was mostly calm here in the Pahrump area.

This is my last day at the Lakeside Casino and RV Park. I’ve enjoyed my two weeks here, but I can’t say I’ve been very active. Other than a few trips around town and a couple of grocery runs, I’ve pretty much stayed at home. Walking around the lake in the middle of the campground and visiting the ducks has been my primary diversion. This is a very nice campground the sites are reasonable size with good placement relative to your neighbor. The sites are close, but offset enough that it doesn’t feel crowded. It is a nice oasis in the desert.

Tomorrow I’m moving into Las Vegas for a few months. I’ll be at the same RV park I stayed in the winter of 2017-2018. It isn’t as nice as this park. The sites are smaller and more crowded, but it is near all the activity of Las Vegas. There are stores and services nearby. The casinos provide the opportunity for different types of entertainment and places to eat as a solo dinner. To get back to nature I only have to drive a few miles out of town to get to Lake Mead, Red Rock Canyon or Valley of Fire. I’m looking forward to my winter stay.

Tomorrow is a holiday in the state of Nevada. It is called Nevada Day to commemorate the area becoming a state on October 31st 1864. In 2000 the celebration was moved to the last Friday in October to create a three day weekend. Schools, public offices, banks and some other business have the day off. The goal of creating a three day weekend seems to have worked at this campground. Starting in the early afternoon RVs started arriving to fill the open sites. There are still a few empty sites but there are a lot of kids around. The mid week quiet is over.

I haven’t got much of my preparation for travel completed yet. Tomorrow morning will be a busy packing day followed by an unpacking day in the afternoon. The actual travel in between will be very short. I only have about sixty miles by the shortest route, but about seventy miles avoiding the worst of Las Vegas’s congestion. The plan is to be on the road around 10:30am.

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