A Do Nothing Kind of Day

Wednesday October 23rd 2019

Mother nature added a little wind to an otherwise beautiful day. The temperature peaked in the low eighties under a bright sunny sky. During the afternoon the wind started to blow. It let up a little with night fall, but is forecast to be back in a big way tomorrow.

The wind was strong this afternoon.

Mentally I’ve already moved on to my next stop in Las Vegas, but physically I don’t move until Friday. I didn’t do anything today that is particularly blog article worthy. Starting over breakfast I read and did research on things I might do while in Las Vegas this winter. It was mid afternoon before I came up for air and realized I needed to get outside and enjoy the beautiful day. That enjoyment took the form of a couple of laps around the lake visiting with the ducks. Once again I didn’t see the Great Egret.

I don’t have any plans for tomorrow, so it will probably be similar to today. The only difference will be getting started packing for Friday’s travel day.

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