Grocery Tuesday

Tuesday October 22nd 2019

After a cool start to the day, the temperature peaked a little over eighty before the sun started to set. Overall, it was another great weather day.

My big event for the day was replenishing the refrigerator. I still had plenty of frozen food and canned goods, but I was out of fresh food. A drive across town to Walmart solved my supply problem. It isn’t the biggest Walmart, but it has most of what I need. The volume of available product is a little less and the “generic” alternative brand isn’t always available. That combined with less open space and narrower aisles makes shopping a little more challenging, but I got the job done.


Halloween is still over a week away and the grocery side of Walmart has all of the big Thanksgiving food out. Displays at the end of the aisles were pushing stuffing, and other mixers usually associated with Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. The frozen food cases had plenty of frozen turkeys, big hams and other large form meats. In the produce area the big bags of potatoes and onions were taking up extra space. Do people really start buying food for the holidays this early?

Halloween decorations at the RV park.

Back at the campground many of the sites that have been empty since the weekend started to fill up tonight. There was a line checking in when I got back from shopping. Why a lot of people were arriving on a Tuesday night is unknown, but the park seems very busy tonight. Walking around the lake at sunset, there was more activity than there has been on non weekend nights.

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