A Beautiful Lazy Day

Monday October 7th 2019

It was warm enough today that I could wear a short sleeve shirt again today. I’ve been in a long sleeve shirt with a sweatshirt for the last eight or nine days. The temperature made it into the high seventies by late in the day. Tomorrow is forecast to have a similar high temperature, but the wind is expected to be strong in the afternoon.

Truckee River

The improving weather trend ends tomorrow night. A cold front is approaching that will leave the high temperature for Wednesday in the low fifties. Wednesday night is forecast to have a low in the twenties. Thursday is my next travel day. Hopefully the wind will have calmed down by then. The last time I stayed at this campground in middle of May in 2017 my departure day was a challenge because of the wind and the second travel day was through a snow squall. This time I’m heading southeast rather than northeast, so I should be heading toward warmer weather.

This is another picture of the same blossom I took yesterday. There doesn’t seem to be many blossoms available to photograph.

Today was another lazy day. This afternoon I went up to the Boomtown casino that overlooks the campground and invested another twenty dollars in entertainment. I’ve only stopped in once before on this trip. On that occasion the machines ate my twenty rather quickly. This time one machine was very generous and gave me back today’s twenty along with last weeks. My cheap wagers are now even for this trip.

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