In Search of Some Fall Color

Tuesday October 8th 2019

The day began with a clear blue sky and a warming temperature. As the day went by clouds continued to mount and the wind started to blow. By evening the wind was howling under thick cloud cover. Today’s high temperature was near eighty, but tomorrow the high is forecast to be in the low fifties.

I went in search of some fall foliage today. This isn’t really an area that has right kind of trees. The east side of the Sierra Nevada mountains is desert. The ground has low bushes, some rock and dirt and a whole lot of brown. The trees that are around are primarily pine trees. The exception are the trees along the rivers and trees that have been planted and kept watered. It turns out one of the best examples of the latter is right here at the RV park.

When I arrived almost two weeks ago the trees planted between the sites were mostly green. A couple of trees had started to turn yellow. Today all of the trees are at least a little bit yellow. The ones that were yellow when I arrived have started to drop their leaves. After tonight’s wind they may be bare by the end of the day tomorrow.

Vibrant yellow is the predominate fall color in the west. It produces a dramatic contrast to the greens and browns. Overall it is a pretty display, but it doesn’t live up to the colors in the east. The shades of yellow, orange and red that the maples, birches, oaks and other varieties that dominate the eastern part of the country produce a much more dynamic display. I got to enjoy that display last fall. Settling for the display of color in this campground is a downgrade, but it is still nice to see some fall color.

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