Caught by the TV Football Bug

Sunday October 6th 2019

It was another nice day, but the temperature didn’t live up to the forecast. I was expecting the high temperature to be in the mid seventies or higher, but it peaked around seventy.

Blossom of the day

Football on TV sucked me in today. The Patriots vs Redskins game started at 10am. I only get to watch the Patriots when they are a featured game and the local team doesn’t get control the airways. Today the Oakland Raiders were on the other network, so I got to watch most of the Patriots victory over the Redskins. Toward the end of the game, CBS decided it wasn’t interesting enough and switch the coverage to the Ravens vs Steelers game. At least nothing significant happened after they switched and watching Pittsburgh loose in overtime was fun.

Around the campground several more long term residents arrived today. I don’t know why they want to stay in this location at this time of year. By the end of next month the daytime high will be below sixty and at night it will be well below freezing. Snow is also a very high probability. As soon as each of the new arrivals get parked, they start setting up for cold weather. They put skirting around the air gap under their rigs, apply heat tape to their water lines and make provisions for added propane tanks. I know some of the long term residents are road construction workers and will be gone once the construction shuts down for the winter, but I don’t know why the ones arrive now are here.

My winter stay in Las Vegas is about as far north as I want to deal with. The day time temperatures will usually be above fifty and the night time temperature won’t get below freezing that often. It may drop a few snow flakes from time to time, but measurable snow on the valley floor is rare. Last year was one of the those rare years, so this year should be safe. I have my fingers crossed.

Looking up hill from the campground at the Boomtown Casino some fall color is visible.

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