A Quick Trip to Squaw Valley

Saturday October 5th 2019

The good weather trend continues, but the high temperature is still a little below normal. It peaked around seventy today. The normal high temperature this time of year is closer to seventy five.

I drove southwest into the west side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains this afternoon. Specifically, I went to Squaw Valley. The site of the 1960 Winter Olympics is interesting, but nothing like I expected. The area is much smaller than I expected. A little research later indicated that it was the smallest Winter Olympics location. It didn’t even have a Bobsled run. The organizers considered spending money to support an event with very few participants a bad investment. I don’t think they’d get away with that today. In fact, there is nowhere near enough space, transportation, lodging or just about anything for a modern day Winter Olympics.

Squaw valley is very picturesque with a few resorts and lodgings. Most of the structure from fifty nine years ago are gone or morphed into other things. There was lots of parking, but it didn’t seem to have many lifts for the sky runs that lined the mountain walls around the valley. The ones I did see were not that modern. Maybe there were others hidden from my view. I think I expected more shops and more alternate season activities that would keep the mountains in use year round.

The area I traveled in today was along the Truckee River. It is surrounded by all pine trees. There weren’t any deciduous trees turning colors. I think I need to find the eastern slope of the mountain range at a lower altitude to find fall foliage. I may go on a search for fall color before I leave the area. I know I won’t find any in the desert of southern Nevada. So far the Aspens in the campground are the only trees in fall beauty I’ve seen.

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