Finally A New Pair of Shoes

Friday October 4th 2019

The temperature was a few degrees cooler than Thursday, but it felt warmer. Yesterday’s strong wind was gone. The temperature peaked in the mid to upper sixties.

After spending the morning in front of the TV, I got active this afternoon. The first order of business was filling the car’s gas tank. There is a wide range of fuel prices in this area. The nearest station to the campground is $3.89 a gallon. I found gas a few miles closer to Reno at $3.49 a gallon and I’ve seen cheaper prices in the area. This is the first time since the beginning of July that I’ve had to pump my own gas. Self service stations in Oregon are rare. Filling the tank yourself is quicker and you get a little exercise.

Looking along the ridge on the west side of the Reno area.

My RV home is parked in a campground in Verdi Nevada within sight of California. The mountains that I see looking to the west are in California. It is on the west side of the ridge that forms the Truckee Meadows area that Reno resides in and the Washoe Valley south of Reno toward Carson City. Crossing the ridge provides a great view of the Reno and Sparks area. So far, I’ve haven’t found a good place to stop and take a picture.

I crossed the ridge once again this afternoon. My search for a new pair of shoes continued, with success today. My desperation had reached the level that I went to the mall. Except at Christmas time when they are decorated, I try to stay away from malls. I found what I was looking for at JC Penny. They had a surprisingly large selection of shoes. More important they had my size. The other places I stopped that had acceptable styles only had extra wide sizes. As an added bounce they were on sale without any special conditions that Penny’s are famous for. I didn’t have to have a coupon, a Penny’s credit card or some other nonsense.

A new pair of shoes. Trying to buy the same style as I bought a little over a year ago proved difficult, but not impossible.

Back at my RV home later in the afternoon I got the gas grill out for the first time since I arrived in the area. The cold temperatures of the last few days didn’t favor cooking outside. I grilled a couple of hamburgers for supper.

Another view from the ridge on the west side of Reno.

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