A Cold Day for Shopping

Monday September 30th 2019

The temperature was in the high forties inside this morning. Once the sun started to hit windows and the little electric heater had time to work the inside temperature rose quickly into the comfortable range. Outside the temperature never got above the mid fifties. Monday overnight into Tuesday the temperature is forecast to get down into the high twenties in this area. The temperature trend turns warmer from Tuesday forward.

The occasional storm cloud made the day feel cold.

Probably because this is the last day of September, several of the long term residents of the park packed and departed today. Last Thursday when I arrived the park was full at night. With the weekenders and many of the long term residents gone the park feels almost empty. Some of the long term residents that are staying have started to get ready for winter. Tonight’s forecasted low in the twenties probably pushed their time line a little. During my late afternoon walk, I saw one guy putting skirting around the outside of his trailer and a couple of others adding heat tape to their water hoses. For this little single night cold event, all I’ve done is turn off the outside water and disconnected the hose. If I were staying in this area for the winter I’d be doing all of the things the long term residents are doing too.

A better picture of the California Zephyr as it passed over the railroad bridge today,

I made an attempt at shoe shopping today. The shopping area I went to was a real maze of roads and buildings. As near as I can tell the store buildings were in two concentric circles separated by roads and parking lots. I found one of the stores I was looking for, but not the other despite driving in circles. I’m still being too picky looking for a pair of New Balance walking shoes like I’m wearing out now. Before to long I’m going to have to settle for a different brand. They will probably be better anyway.

Lots of pine cones falling out of the pines in today’s wind.

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