An Indoor Sunday

Sunday September 29th 2019

It was 46 degrees inside my RV home when I got up this morning. The reported overnight low outside was a little warmer than the forecast at 34 degrees. I spent a warm night in bed after adding an extra blank before I turned in. The high temperature for the day was 48 degrees. It’s hard to believe it was in the low 90s when I arrived in the Reno area on Thursday. The expected highs this time of year are in the mid seventies. A return to those temperatures is forecast for the second half of this week.

Snow high on the mountains to the north.

I spent most of the day inside watching NFL football games and the NASCAR race on TV. The local game in this area was the Oakland Raiders vs Indianapolis Colts. My eyes were focused on the scores crawling across the bottom of the screen more than on the game action. I was interested in the Patriots vs Bills score. The NASCAR race from Charlotte was different. This is the second year the race has been held on a modified course called a “Roval”. They added road course elements to the banked oval.

One of the trees on this campground road is already bright yellow. Other trees in the campground have also started to turn. There were storm clouds overhead all day.

After the race I bundled up and went outside for a walk to get some exercise. Walking around the park I noticed some of the trees are turning yellow. I think the last couple of cold nights have accelerated the change. With a couple more cold nights in the forecast, there may be some real fall color in the area before I move on next week.

The campground has many openings tonight. I hope all the California people that left this morning had success getting home. Donner Pass on Interstate 80 was closed for awhile last night for a weather related accident. There was also a chain requirement at times late yesterday and overnight. The Sacramento area is a little over one hundred miles west on Interstate 80, so I’m assuming that’s where many of the Californians that left today are headed.

California Zephyr crossing the Truckee River.

While I was on my walk a train went by the campground. I’m used to trains passing campgrounds, but they usually make a lot more noise. These tracks are not as close to the campground as some, but more significantly they are down at the level of the Truckee River about 300 feet below the campground. The train got my attention because it wasn’t your everyday freight. It was Amtrak’s California Zephyr headed east. The passengers on board will arrive in Chicago in about forty eight hours if they go the distance.

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