The Weather’s My Excuse

Tuesday October 1st 2019

The temperature was around freezing outside when I went to be last night. Contrary to the forecast it didn’t get much colder in this immediate area. Instead of being a clear night with radiational cooling, a layer of clouds held some of the remaining ground temperature around all night. That same cloud layer hung around until mid morning keeping the temperature from climbing quickly. Today’s high temperature was in the mid fifties.

The mid fifties is not really cold. It’s possible to do just about everything I want to do, but somehow I’m using the temperature as an excuse for not doing a lot of things. The fact that this is just an aberration in the weather fuels my natural procrastination. It was in the seventies on Friday and will be back above seventy by Thursday. Tomorrow is forecast to be in the sixties.

After hanging around my RV home all morning and the first part of the afternoon, I got out and drove around some before the commuter traffic picked up. I visited a couple of stores including a Kohls that had the type of shoes I’ve been looking for, just not the right size. I’ll try another Kohls in the area in the next couple of days.

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