A Travel Day Full of Annoyances

Thursday September 26th 2019

Today was filled with small annoyances. The first one was sleeping until almost 8:30. It didn’t work well with my plan for an early start. Since it was only an overnight stop I didn’t have a lot of prep work to complete. I pulled out of my site at 9:30.

That’s when the second annoyance came along. I had an unusual amount of difficulty getting the car hooked up for towing. One of the two bar arms didn’t lock into place when I pulled forward. I had to stop and unhitch the car and try again after repositioning the car. On the second attempt the other tow bar arm didn’t lock into place. My third attempt was on the other side of the campground on more even ground. That one worked. I’ve never had to try three times before. It may be time for a new tow bar. This one has over 35,000 miles on it.

The next annoyance was at the agricultural inspection entering California. This is the third time I’ve crossed into California with the Motorhome. It is the first time they asked about plants. My Christmas Cactus, that has been riding with me for four years, got a cursory inspection by a young guy that probably wouldn’t know an invasive bug if it crawled on him. It was only a couple of minute delay, but an annoyance none the less.

A few miles down the road my plan to put gas in the RV changed. The station I’d scoped out on Google Maps was not as easy to get into as I’d hoped and the cost of gas in California was over four dollars a gallon. I had more gas in the tank than I’d thought when I made the plan, so I continued on to Nevada for gas. As it turns out, I reached my destination west of Reno with a quarter tank of gas without stopping. I’ll buy gas when I leave in two weeks. This will be a bigger annoyance if gas prices climb significantly during that time.

The last big annoyance was the temperature. It was just below fifty when I got up this morning. I started my travel day in long pants and a sweatshirt. As I traveled the temperature kept climbing. Since I didn’t stop for gas and I didn’t see any open rest areas, I never had a chance to take the sweatshirt off. The temperature kept climbing. By the time I reached Reno it was 91 degrees outside. Inside wasn’t much better. When I pushed the button to turn on the coach AC it didn’t start. Somewhere along the cool Oregon coast I turned off the fan. Once I got to my destination and had time to study the switches, it only took a few seconds to fix.

Site G155 at the Reno KOA

I’m at the Reno KOA in Verdi Nevada for the next two weeks. I stayed here in May of 2017. The atmosphere of the campground has changed. This time it has more full time residents. Many of the trailers don’t even have license tags. When the school bus pulled up in front of the campground at least a dozen young kids got off. It is still and OK parking lot style park.

Today’s hot weather in the Reno area may be the last hurrah of summer. A cold front is coming in from the northwest that has the weekend forecast in this area calling for rain with highs in the forties. Snow is in the forecast for the nearby mountains.

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