Settling in for a 2 Week Stay

Friday September 27th 2019

After two straight days of travel it was nice to take it easy today. The weather was a little more seasonable than Thursday’s ninety degree high temperature. The temperature peaked in the mid seventies under a bright sunny sky. The only down side to the day was a very strong wind. I’m glad I wasn’t driving the RV today.

View to the north with the shadows from the clouds on the hill side.

After a leisurely breakfast with a rare second cup of coffee, I finished some of the set up tasks I didn’t do yesterday. The bicycle and rack are off the car making it ready for touring and I stowed all of the car towing equipment. Working outside was complicated. There are a lot of bees around. They were buzzing all around me and even landing on me. Buzzing bees are distracting, but landing one can be painful. The next step after landing could be stinging, but I survived. As the wind got stronger the bees went for cover.

Truckee River below the campground

There was a fair amount of turnover in the campground today. I thought most of the people arriving yesterday were here for the weekend, but many of them left this morning. The park has more than a normal number of motorcycles in residence. A little research on the internet turned up the fact that the twenty fifth annual occurrence of a large regional motorcycle is running from Wednesday through Sunday. The bikers are spread out from Reno down to Carson City and Lake Tahoe with events and rides in all the major areas.

View to the east as the sun sets to the west.

As the sun set this afternoon the temperature dropped quickly. Tomorrow is forecast to have a high temperature around fifty with a chance of rain in this area. Sunday is currently forecast to be even cooler with a chance of snow in the high passes. The next three day’s weather will be similar to what this area gets in November.

Sunset over the hill to the west.

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