Travel to Goose Lake State Recreation Area

Wednesday September 25th 2019

I hoped to get an early start this morning, but it didn’t happen. Since I refuse to set an alarm, I slept an hour later than I’d intended. I got up at 8AM and was on the road a little after ten.

My first order of business was to fill the RV’s gas tank. It right around a quarter tank when I arrived last week, because I couldn’t buy gas at the station I chose. Today I had two stations with good access that I already scouted. I filled the tank with over 60 gallons at $2.94 per gallon. There were other stations down the road a few miles, but they weren’t as easy to get into and most were more expensive. Once I turned south east off of US97 on Oregon 31, I didn’t see anymore opportunities for fuel. Tomorrow will have similar long gaps between stations, so I’ll probably fill the tank early in California. It’s better to spend the extra in California than risk running out before I get to Nevada. Although, I can probably make it on fumes.

Traffic was light to non existent as I navigated the narrow one lane in each direction roads. Most of the roads were OK, but there were stretches that were very bumpy and bouncy. I hate it when the bumps want to send you to the left when the road is turning to the right. I had one interesting climb. The caution sign said “Shoulder Steep Drop”. That was a bit of an understatement. Three feet from where the pavement stopped, there was a 300 foot high cliff with no guard rail. I had to keep two hands tightly gripping the steering wheel for about 3 miles while I wound my way up the side of the cliff.

The terrain went from National Forests filled with pine trees to high desert. Some of the desert was irrigated for farming, but most of it seemed to be used for cattle ranching. I don’t think that the highway was passing through open range, but I did pass a group of three or four cattle grazing on the side of the road without any fence keeping them out of the road. I slowed down for a few miles so I didn’t come around a corner to find a huge hunk of beef in the road.

Site 5 at the first come first serve Goose Lake State Recreation Area.

My stop for the night is at the Goose Lake State Recreation area just on the Oregon side of the state line with California. This is a small, older state campground. It only has twenty amp electrical service, but on the plus side, it has a herd of mule deer that share the park with the campers. One crossed in front of me as I arrived shortly after 2PM. I went looking for the rest of the deer just before dusk. I spotted a few, but they were on the other side of a large field. Maybe they’ll be nearer in the morning.

Heavily cropped picture of the deer at the Goose Lake State Recreation Area.

I’m about half way to my destination in the Reno Nevada area. I have another 220 miles to travel tomorrow. A departure between ten and eleven should get me through Reno traffic before the heavy afternoon rush.

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