More Pictures than Words.

Tuesday September 24th 2019

I got a slow start this morning. The sun had already warmed the interior of the RV to seventy. Outside it took until afternoon to reach the days high temperature in the low seventies.

I’ll miss watching my neighbors graze in the back field.
I’m still not certain this is a real owl. It didn’t move while I stood watching it.

I spent the day at home working on various chores and getting ready to travel tomorrow. I’ve completed most of the outside travel prep tasks so I can get an earlier start than normal. My next two week long stop is in the Reno Nevada area. It is about 450 miles from here. I plan to stop one night along the way, but I haven’t made any reservations. I have a plan A and a plan B for stopping tomorrow night. I can always come up with plan C if necessary, even if it is driving all the way to Reno. Check back tomorrow night to see what happens.

Nice pink and red sunset tonight.
Mt Jefferson with the sun setting on the far side of the Cascades.

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