The Cove Palisades State Park

Saturday September 21st 2019

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky all day. After more than a week of questionable weather, it was a welcome change. Even with full sunshine the temperature only got to the seventy mark. The seasonal norm for this area is quite a bit higher.

Taking advantage of the good weather, I made a trip to the Cove Palisades State Park on the Crooked River. I found the park on the map a few miles west of my current campsite. Finding the park was an interesting trip through open farm land. The signage wasn’t great but I found the park after going straight west for a few miles, turning north for a few more miles followed by a turn back west for a mile or so then a turn north and finally west again. The land was flat and the route went between farms by planted fields and a few empty ones too.

I started my visit by stopping at two overlooks on the rim of the deep canyon with the dam held water of the Crooked river. The black volcanic basalt palisade walls and green water made for high contrast. There were several forms of recreational boats in the water below. I saw little kayaks near the shore, fishing boats on the far side, and house boats in the marina below one of the overlooks.

Mount Jefferson can be seen to the west from the overlook.

My next stop was at the river level. The road down was advertised as a 7 percent grade. It clung to the canyon wall with a couple of switchbacks. It wouldn’t be fun in the motorhome, but there are two campgrounds in the park. One is on the way down and the other is at a lower altitude in the park. I didn’t get an opportunity to go deeper into the park. A truck with a boat trailer was broken down in the road or perhaps was in an accident. Either way traffic was backed up getting by the incident. Since I’d have to wait in line to go by and again to return, I turned around and returned to my RV home to watch college football games.

Sun setting beyond the Cascades and Mt Jefferson.

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