A Little Rain and Lots of Football on TV

Sunday September 22nd 2019

The last full day of summer was cool and rainy in central Oregon. The cool and wet trend in this area has prepared me for fall, but looking at the big picture it’s hard to believe summer is over. I only experienced the real heat of summer in late June and July. I spent August on the coast where the ocean doesn’t allow the temperature to get above the seventies very often. Overall it was a summer of enjoyable weather.

Horses grazing in the field behind the campground.

I’m still trying to get used to watching football on TV while enjoying a late breakfast. This morning the Ravens vs. Chiefs game got a hold on my attention. By half time it was raining outside giving me an excuse to stay in and watch the TV. Light rain showers passed through the area from late morning until darkness. It wasn’t a good day to be driving around trying to see the area sights.

Fields across the street from the campground were recently harvested.

The campground staff didn’t seem to be impacted by the rain. Today was grass moving day. They started as soon as the weekend visitors departed. When the rain got heavy, they would stop for a few minutes. As the sun was going down I saw them putting the mover back into the garage. The staff at this campground seems to keep busy with maintenance tasks. My guess is Sunday was mowing day so rain or shine they mowed. At least they didn’t have to run the sprinklers to water the grass today.

Rain shower arriving over the campground while it is still bright and dry off to the west.

The next few days are forecast to be sunny and a little warmer. Seventy degree temperatures are a little below the norm for this time of year, but better than the low sixties with rain. I’ve got two more days to see some more of this area.

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