A Dry and Cool Day

Friday September 20th 2019

I woke up this morning to cloudy and cool weather. It was in the low fifties outside and about sixty inside. Getting out of my warm bed was a slow process. The temperature was very slow to rise. The sun started to break through the clouds during the afternoon and managed to warm the temperature into the low sixties before it set.

One of the high peaks in the Cascades mountains to the west.

My campsite is east of the Cascade mountains at about 2800 feet. Irrigation has turned the rolling hills of this area of high desert into farm land. The campground is surrounded by fields two of which produced a crop of wheat earlier in the season. Behind the campground is a set of fields with horses grazing. The western horizon is dominated by the Cascades complete with snow topped volcanic mountains.

Cloud formation to the east last this afternoon.

I drove south to the larger community of Redmond Oregon this afternoon. The traffic was surprisingly heavy on US97. I didn’t have as much traffic yesterday on the section of road north of here. US97 is the a main north south route on the east side of the Cascades from California to Washington. Today there was a lot of truck and RV traffic on the road. My goal today was to figure out where things were located for touring during my stay here. I also found a big relatively new Walmart for shopping sometime during my stay. Today I only bought some Gorilla tape and a couple of grocery items to keep me feed until I get around to really shopping.

The campsites around me have gradually filled up this afternoon. There were a lot of empty spaces when I arrived yesterday. Most of the campsites with utilities will be full this weekend. Some of the tent sites are also full, but forty degree temperatures and rain Saturday night are in the forecast. Only hardy tenters are likely to be camping this weekend.

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