Travel Day to Central Oregon

Thursday September 19th 2019

Today was a travel day. The weather cooperated by providing a dry sunny day. I got everything packed and ready to go by 10:30am.

It was an easy drive east on Interstate 84 along the Columbia River. Traffic wasn’t heavy and the usual wind wasn’t blowing hard. There were two or three locations with many little fishing boats clustered in an area of the river. I would guess they’re chock points for the salmon migration up river that the local fishermen know about. There weren’t any good locations to stop with the motorhome to checkout what was going on in detail.

I planned today’s trip along a longer but possibly flatter route so I could buy gas at a good location. Using Google maps satellite view, I found a Pilot gas station that had good prices and plenty of room to maneuver at the pumps. It was located long before I would need to buy gas, but I knew I was heading into sparsely populated areas with few gas stations. It was a great plan, but when I got to the station there was no way I was going to be able to get gas there. There was a new building in the parking lot that wasn’t in the satellite view and lots of parked cars. My options were to reverse direction fifteen miles or continue on. Since I still had a little less than half a tank, I chose to continue on. I have a little more than a quarter tank tonight with several options in the next thirty miles.

The second reason for my route choice was the thought that it was a flatter route. I don’t know what the other routes actually had for hills, but the first thirteen miles south from the Interstate and the Columbia River were all up hill. After that, the constant climb turned into rolling hills. It was only a problem when there was slow traffic in front of me. I usually don’t have enough acceleration to get by slow hill climbers.

Site 25 at the Central Oregon KOA in Culver Oregon.

It was an easy drive overall. The terrain turned into high desert with the irrigated areas planted in wheat and other grasses. I got to the Central Oregon KOA just north of Redmond Oregon around 2PM. I’ll be here for six nights before continuing south. I hope to visit some of the Oregon sights on the east side of the Cascades.

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