After the Rain

Wednesday September 18th 2019

The rain that resumed Tuesday evening finally stopped around noon today. The forecast implied it would be over by the time morning arrived. It rained at a steady rate all night. Once the sun started to break through I hurried to get out and enjoy the day.

My first stop was at the old Cascade Lock in the center of town. One of the river tugboats was tied up in the abandon lock. The tug is one of the boats caught up river from the closed Bonneville Lock. There isn’t much work for the tug while the lock is closed. In the last week and a half since the lock was closed for emergency repairs, all of the barges are at their upriver destinations filled with goods for transit downriver. The lock isn’t expected to reopen until September 30th. The old lock is not a normal place to find a tugboat. I can only guess at the reasons it was there. The old lock is probably the nearest point on the river to its home port of Portland to tie up that is also accessible by car. Maybe there was a crew change or a visit with friends and family from Portland. The tug’s crew was very relaxed. One guy was even fishing off the tug’s stern.

A River Tugboat tied up in the abandon Cascade Lock.

After spending about an hour walking around and watching the action along the river, I had a minor moment of panic. I realized I left home without my security blanket. My cell phone was back at my RV home. It never fails to amaze me at the thoughts that go through my head when I don’t have that little hunk of electronics. It’s hard to believe I survived for years without one. I decided to return to camp for my phone. While I was at home the sky opened up for another shower. Even though the storm didn’t last long, I never got back out of the campground.

Clouds across the Columbia River over Washington State.

Tomorrow I’m moving on. I’ll be on the east side of the Cascade mountains about two thirds or the way down the state for the next six nights. I managed to see the salmon at the hatchery twice while I was here. That was my primary reason for returning to this area. The rainy weather kept me from getting in some hiking and waterfall viewing. Just one more thing to add to the list for another year.

Bridge of the Gods, a private toll bridge across the Columbia River.

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