Rain Out

Tuesday September 17th 2019

Today was a real rain out. The rain started Monday evening. A light rain fell all night with occasional burst heavy enough to interrupt my sleep long enough for me to roll over. The morning was cool in the fifties. It was just cool enough to slow my departure from the warmth of my bed. The rain continued most of the day. Their was one brief break in the mid afternoon. I got a walk in around the campground, but had to hurry inside when the rain returned. The rain is forecast to change into scattered showers tomorrow.

The rain out my front window.

The TV weather forecasters are commenting on how unusual this weather is for the season. The temperature is at least ten degrees cooler than normal. Rain storms like this are apparently more normal in mid to late October. There is already snow at altitude in the mountains. The extended forecast doesn’t show much improvement.

My day was filled with reading, watching TV and Internet surfing. Overall it was a real lazy day. The gloomy day, combined with my location under tall pines and the season of the year resulted in a short day. It was dark enough to turn on the lights by 5PM.

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