A Little Rain, A Hatchery Visit and a Waterfall

Monday September 16th 2019

The weather maker didn’t know what to do today. The day started with a light rain and ended with a much heavier rain. During the day the sun was out one minute and it was raining the next. Most of the showers only lasted a few minutes. Around the supper hour the showers merged into a continuous rain. Tomorrow is forecast to be more rain than sun.

A few wet blossoms.

Once the sun made an appearance, I headed out for some more exploring of the area. My first stop was back at the Bonneville Fish Hatchery. Today they were processing salmon. The fish from the crowder pool are lifted into the building for sorting. It was hard to tell exactly what the criteria was, but I’m pretty sure non hatchery fish were sent back to the creek via a tank truck. Coho salmon were sent to a holding pool and the Chinook salmon were processed. Machines collected data about the fish including reading an electronic chip that was inserted in their lip when they were young. Once sorted I think the fish were transported to another location for the “assisted” spawning. It’s also possible they were being sold off as excess. No one was available to answer questions.

Sorting Salmon

There was a brief shower while I was in the hatchery building, but it was sunny again when I was ready to depart. I continued my drive west in the Columbia River Gorge to the Multnomah Falls. I visited the falls in July and hiked up toward the top. This time I was primarily interested in the creek that flows from the falls. I was curious to see if there were any salmon. There were signs warning people not to disturb the spawning fish, but I didn’t see any. I joined the crowds viewing the falls from the base, but didn’t climb to any of the higher levels. It was threatening rain again.

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