Laundry, Rain and Reflection

Sunday September 15th 2019

The weather forecast was mostly right for once. It rained all day. The only good thing was that I’m further east than the locations getting heavy rain. The Portland area got near record levels of rain. Here it was a steady, but mostly light rain.

The things I want to do in the area are mostly outside activities, so I chose to stay at home today. After all the weekend residents packed up in the rain and departed, I took advantage of the empty laundry room. Both times I checked on Friday and Saturday all of the machines were busy. Today I had less competition. I am mostly caught up with the laundry now.

The campground laundry was empty this afternoon.

During the rest of day, as I watched various pro football games, I had a chance to reflect on this summers travels. As of last Friday, I have six weeks of travel left this year. At the end of October, I settle in Las Vegas for four months. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to get a few things accomplished that aren’t easy while your traveling.

This summer I’ve attempted to travel less and stay in one location longer. Most of my stops have been two weeks long. Twice I’ve moved less than twenty miles between two week stays. My goals was to see more things within a one hundred mile radius of my location. It did produce a more relaxed approach to travel, but it also played into my tendency to procrastinate. Knowing that I will be in an area for a couple of weeks I often put things off to another perhaps better day. As my stay in an area came to an end there were still things on my want to see list. Overall, I think it is about the right pace and there are plenty of things on my list for future visits to this area.

As I plan for next summer I’m trying to learn from this summers travels. Initially, I was thinking too big. Visiting five areas for what is essentially the first time is just the opposite of this years focus on a single state. I’ve already got seven weeks of reservations in the Arizona area starting at the end of February. I’m currently thinking I should dedicate the late April to end of June period to another area, then July and August to another, followed by September thru October in an area near my 2020 winter destination of Florida. I’d still have lots of miles to cover, but could do it in bursts with extended stays in between. There is no one way to accomplish this full time RV travel life style. I’m still learning as I start the fifth year living in my RV home at the start of October.

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