A Visit to Cascade Locks

Saturday September 14th 2019

It was a better weather day than I expected. The temperature peaked in the low seventies under a partly cloudy sky. The forecast late day rain is now forecast to start early tomorrow morning and continue most of the week. I really didn’t take advantage of the good weather. Today wasn’t a very blog entry worth day.

Once again I got hooked on watching football from breakfast time forward. In the eastern time zone I’m already out and about before the games start. I don’t get sucked into watching the games until I return from my outing. In this time zone I need to interrupt my viewing to get on with life. After the first game was over I managed to drive into town.

Stern wheel river excursion boat on the Columbia River. The stern wheel was kicking up a lot of water.

The town of Cascade Locks is located at the site of an old lock that was built on the Columbia River to help shipping bypass an area of rapids that blocked mariners and the native Americans and emigrants before them using the river. The Bonneville Dam a few miles down river made the Cascade Lock obsolete and solved the problem to navigation in a different way. It turned the whole area of the river beside the town into a lake behind the dam. The rapids are still there, but quite a few feet below the surface.

I spent some time watching the action in the river from a park beside the old lock. There were plenty of empty boat trailers in the parking lot. While I was there several fishermen returned from fishing in the river and a couple of others launched. I didn’t see any caught fish, but I think fishing is good. The regulations require catch and release for many species in this area.

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