A Little Shopping not Buying

Sunday September 1st 2019

It is hard to believe that today is September 1st. The cool weather on the Oregon coast confused my ability to use the weather to tell the season. It seemed more like spring weather along the coast. Now that I’m back inland for a few days, the low eighties heat feels oppressive. I’ll probably just get used to it before I return to the coast at the end of the week.

This afternoon I drove back south thirty miles or so to shop at the Cabelas in Springfield. I need new shoes. Both my walking shoes and my hiking shoes need to be replaced. The tread on my hiking shoes is close to gone and my toes have found their way through the top leather on my walking shoes.

The Springfield Cabelas turned out to be a smaller store in a shopping mall. It seemed to have most of the usual merchandise, but not as much display space. The big wildlife dioramas typical of a Cabelas were smaller and isolated on a mezzanine level. There were also fewer display examples of products like chairs, grills and tents. Even so, it was still a busy place this afternoon. Navigating around people in the shoe department was especially difficult. I almost had a collision with one guy who was hopping on one foot attempting to try on a shoe.

I found a possible replacement for my hiking shoes, but the store size became an issue. They didn’t have my shoe size. I didn’t see a good replacement for my walking shoes, which has a higher priority. There is an outlet mall about the same distance to the north along interstate 5. I’ll stop there in the next few days.

In July this field across from the campground was green and freshly cut.

The drive through the Willamette Valley was interesting. The fields and pastures are mostly brown. When I was in this area at the beginning of July things were much greener. The grain crop or hay had just been harvested. Those fields are now very brown with no sign of a productive crop. The fields that have freshly turned soil also have a few little dust devils above the dry dirt.

Blossom of the day

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