A Rainy Mess of a Day

Wednesday August 21st 2019

Today’s blog entry is an informative, but boring piece about the weather. I spent the day reading, watching TV and surfing the internet while mother nature did her thing outside.

It started to rain about eight this morning. A gentle, occasionally heavier, rain fell until about two in the afternoon. The sun tried to gain a foot hold during the afternoon without much success. During one brief period of sunshine the temperature got into the upper half of the sixties. The remainder of the day was in the low sixties. I had to turn the electric fireplace on in my RV home to take the chill off. As night fall approached the sun lost the battle for dominance. Thick cloud cover returned and soon transitioned into a heavy mist. As I’m writing this blog entry the mist has mutated into rain. Tomorrow is supposed to be drier and warmer.

View of a puddle in the road through the front window of my RV.

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