Travel Day to Lakeside Oregon

Friday August 16th 2019

My two weeks at the Mill Casino and RV park on Coos Bay in North Bend Oregon was up today. I slowly packed up this morning and got on the road for my fifteen mile drive north on US 101 a few minutes after noon. I arrived at the Osprey Point RV Resort in Lakeside Oregon shortly after 12:30. My site was available and I was setup by 1:30PM.

Getting my car hooked up for towing this morning was a challenge. One of the two tow arms didn’t lock into place on the tow bar. I needed to disconnect the car, re-position the car and re-hookup the car on a level straight stretch. To accomplish the task, I moved the car and the motorhome to the dirt truck parking area between the RV Park and the Casino. Once I had level ground with an area for a straight pull after I connected, the hookup went smoothly. The positive side of having to re-hookup the car is the delay. It added almost half an hour to my departure time.

Site E-1 at the Osprey Point RV Park in Lakeside Oregon.

I’m at the Osprey Point RV Resort for two weeks. It is located a little more inland than my last stop on the shore of Tenmile Lake. The lake seems to be a collection area for a number of creeks before the water flows out to the Pacific. So far the RV park seems to be a weekend party spot with a coffee shop and a marina on site, but it will probably be fine during the week.

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