Cape Blanco

Thursday August 15th 2019

Today’s weather was just a little bit different than yesterday. The overnight cloud cover moved out an hour or two earlier and the wind was even stronger. The temperature was about seventy in sheltered ares, but it was uncomfortable in the wind.

I drove about fifty miles south to Cape Blanco State Park today. It is one of the areas of the south coast that I’d heard about before I got to this area. The lighthouse that sits high on the cliff at the end of the cape sticking out into the Pacific is striking. The rest of the area I didn’t find that impressive. The most notable element was the wind. It was hard to stand without leaning into the wind. Overall, I found the cliffs and rock formations along Cape Arago in the Coos Bay area more interesting than Cape Blanco.

View south from Cape Blanco.
I didn’t see if this rock had a name, but it looks like an arrowhead.
View north from Cape Blanco.
Cape Blanco Lighthouse

Back at my RV home late in the afternoon I started to pack for Friday’s move. It’s a short move north of about fifteen miles. I’ll try to leave here as late as possible so I don’t get to my destination before my site is ready for occupancy.

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