Relaxing First Day at My New Location

Saturday August 17th 2019

The overnight clouds were back heavier than ever. It was a very dreary sight at 7:30 this morning. I rolled over and went back to sleep for a couple of hours. The cloud cover hung around until almost noon. The sun came out, but it brought the wind with it. The wind probably wasn’t as strong as a couple of days ago, but my RV home’s orientation to the wind direction is bad. My slide toppers, inside window blinds and lots of other things were flapping in the wind.

Blossom of the day

Today was a relax and get oriented to my new location kind of day. Sometimes I’m immediately comfortable in a new location and other times it takes time. This one will take time. Understanding were you are with respect to the sunrise, sunset and major roads is important in identification of the unknown. Noises outside with the blinds closed are easier to discount when you know what’s in the direction it came from. Walking around the RV park today should help with my area awareness.

Marina at the RV park on Tenmile Lake

The campground is full this weekend, but it did have some turnover today. I have new neighbors across the street that look like they plan to be here a while. An old pickup truck with the back full of stuff arrived pulling a trailer shortly after noon. They parked the trailer on the site then started to unload the truck stacking stuff along the side of the trailer before departing. They lined up six big plastic storage tubs, two big packages of bottled water and a chest freezer with who knows what inside. They returned a few hours later without the truck in an SUV. I usually wouldn’t pay a lot of attention to the arrival of new neighbors, but these folks made enough noise they couldn’t be ignored. They seem to be out of character for this park, but time will tell.

One Paddle Boat, Two Paddle boards and a power boat.

For relaxing entertainment today, I watched some of the preseason football games and the NASCAR race from Bristol TN on the TV. Watching sports on TV raises my awareness of the Pacific Time Zone. A lifetime of living on the east coast conditioned me to sporting events occurring at specific times. Out here they are three hours earlier. I never seem to get used to it.

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