A Not So Rainy Day

Friday August 9th 2019

I heard two slightly different weather forecasts for the day. One called for a cloudy day and the other called for a chance of rain. Both forecasts were a little bit right and a lot wrong. The day started cloudy as usual, but during the middle of the day it was only partly cloudy. The sun was in and out most of the afternoon. Around the supper hour it clouded over fully and a few rain drops fell on the roof of my RV home. It was over in less than five minutes. The moon is out tonight.

Blossom of the day

Assuming it was going to be a messy day, I planned to get my grocery shopping done today. About the same time as the sun was making an appearance, I headed out for Walmart. As I’ve mentioned before, I go to Walmart for the familiarity of the layout of the store and the availability of the products I’m used to buying. Most Walmarts follow one of a few layouts, but there are still plenty of differences. Today’s big difference, or annoyance, was the bagging at the checkout. Usually I wonder about the merits of putting only one or two items in each plastic bag. It seems to be very wasteful. Today the cashier really filled the bags. She seemed to base all of her packing decisions on size not type. Meat, dairy, produce and bread all got put in the same bag if there was room. You’d think they were trying to save bags, but after filling the bag they’d double up the bag to handle the weight. A quick glance at one of the other checkouts looks like it’s the way the cashiers are trained at this store. I wonder if they use less plastic?

Back at the RV park this afternoon I watched the activity out in the bay. There hasn’t been much going on in the bay while I’ve been here, but today a barge was moving up river. In front of the park a hand off was being made between two tug boats. The tug that toad the barge into the bay and up river was getting disconnected. A new tug had taken over pushing the barge from the rear. Seeing workers in hard hats walking on the barge while underway was unusual.

A barge with two tugs heading up river in the bay.

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