Cape Arago and Shore Acres State Park

Thursday August 8th 2019

The sun didn’t get the message that the forecast called for a cloudy dreary day. Shortly after noon the sun broke through the clouds and warmed the air up to around seventy degrees. To take advantage of the bright sunny afternoon, I headed over to the coast.

There are three state parks on the road out to Cape Arago. I stopped at the first park, Sunset Beach State Park, on Sunday. Today I drove to the end of the road at Cape Arago State Park. It had some nice views into the ocean and to the south along the coast. I imagine it would be a good place to see whales, but not today. The real scenic cliffs and rock formations is along the coast between Sunset Beach State Park and Cape Arago.

The state park between Sunset Beach and Cape Arago is Shore Acres State park. It is an only home site complete with Botanical Gardens and incredible views of the Pacific from a rocky point. I got some exercise, saw some nice stuff and saved a few bucks for parking by hiking in along the coast from the Sunset Beach State Park area.

I took over 200 pictures this afternoon. I’m going to let some of them tell my story starting with the botanical gardens at Shore Acres State Park.

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