It Finally Rained

Saturday August 10th 2019

Rain has been in the forecast for the last three days. This morning it finally happened. For about an hour there was a steady moderate rain. By afternoon it was back to mostly sunny in this area, but there were plenty of clouds off to the east.

Evidence of the morning rain storm. This puddle hung around most of the afternoon.

As I’ve commented before it is very hard to understand the weather forecasts in unfamiliar areas. The forecasters give out the facts, but they are tempered with an understanding of the norm for the area. When you don’t know what the normal weather pattern is all about, you don’t know how to interpret the forecast. I don’t know if this mornings rain was above or below the norm for the area. It wasn’t much of a rain storm by most of my experience, but if rain isn’t common this time of year it could have been an exceptional event.

In this area of Oregon another issue with the TV weather forecasts is the coverage. The TV stations have very wide viewing areas use multiple transmitters. Most of the stations in the Coos Bay area have there primary studio located in Eugene Oregon. It is located at the southern end of Willamette valley. They provide four different forecasts in each broadcast. There different forecasts for the coast, the valley between the coastal range and the Cascade mountains, the area on the east side of the Cascades and the passes in the Cascades. They are all very different. The valley area got thunder storms yesterday, which sounded like it was rare this time of year. The bottom line is I still over react to the forecasts.

Blue sky overhead, but lots of clouds off to the east.

I spent the day around my RV home. I took a couple of walks around the park looking for any action in Coos Bay. The same barge with two tugs that I saw yesterday was back today. It must be some kind of training exercise. Once again today the towing tug disconnected in favor of the tug pushing the barge. The only other event of the day was cooking a couple of Brats on the grill for lunch. It was a lazy, but enjoyable day.

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