Walking the Cliffs Along the Oregon Coast

Sunday August 4th 2019

The heavy clouds hung around longer this morning. It was after eleven before the sun made an appearance and it was lightly filtered most of the day. With a strong north wind, the temperature stayed in the sixties all day.

Coast Guard boat passing the campground.

Shortly after noon I headed for the coast. It was time to verify that the Pacific Ocean was still there. My first stop was at the beach in Sunset Bay State Park. The view out into the ocean was restricted by cliffs along both sides of Sunset Bay. The tide was away from the shore but rising making it dangerous to explore along the cliffs. Getting trapped by rising water would be a good way to start my visit to the coast.

Beach at Sunset Bay.
Gull getting ready to surf a wave.
Incoming tide looking toward the south breakwater for the entrance to Coos Bay inlet.

Next up on Hike along the cliffs overlooking the rocky shore. The views of rock formations and breaking surf were majestic. I even got to see some sea lions and seals on the rocks. I only walked one section of the trail. I wasn’t prepared for a long hike. The sun along the shore was heavily filtered by the clouds making most of my pictures look washed out and as usual my binoculars were back at my RV home. I’ll return another day with my binoculars and some water for the hike. Hopefully, the sun will be shining next time.

I keep trying to draw parallels between the Pacific coast and the Atlantic coast. The cliffs are one difference. There aren’t as many places with high cliffs on the Atlantic coast of the United States. The other thing that I’m confused by is the lack of boat traffic. On the Atlantic coast there always seems to be a fishing boat, pleasure boat or an offshore ship in sight. Out here even near the port areas I’m not seeing many (any) boats from horizon to horizon. Maybe I’m just in the wrong place.

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