A Relaxing Saturday

Saturday August 3rd 2019

Last night just before sunset the clouds that had been just off shore most of the day moved inland. There was a very low cloud cover all night. It didn’t burn off until close to 10AM this morning. Eventually the temperature got to about seventy with a steady to strong north wind. This seems to be the normal weather pattern for this area. The temperature is in the high 80s to low 90s on the other side of the coastal mountains less than sixty miles to the east.

Today’s picture of a flower blossom.

I did my usual first day at a new location drill. That involves removing the bicycle and rack from the car along with a few other outside setup chores. Once the car was in touring trim, I took an orientation drive around the area. I found the major roads and the major stores. When it comes time for groceries I’ll know were to find the Walmart. Thinking it was a nice clear sunny day I headed for the ocean to check out the beach and coast line. Except it wasn’t a nice sunny day at the coast. The closer I got to the ocean the cloudier it got. When the cloud cover got low enough that it became foggy, I decided to turn around and try again another day.

The casino associated with the RV park I’m staying at is having a Food Truck competition this weekend. After my drive around town I walked over to check out the Food Trucks. The trucks are all in a fenced in parking lot. It costs $5 to enter the area to buy food from the Food Trucks. You then get to vote for your favorite. I wasn’t hungry and didn’t see anything that needed a closer look, so I just walked along the outside of the fence. If I think of it tomorrow, when I’m hungry, I might give it a closer look.

Tomorrow I’ll head for the coast again. This time I’ll have a full tank of gas and aim for the early afternoon. That window of time seems to have the highest probiblity that the clouds will be elsewhere.

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