Coquille River Lighthouse

Monday August 5th 2019

The overnight clouds never departed today. They lifted up enough that visibility at ground level was fine, but the sun wasn’t able to heat the air very much. The high temperature was well under seventy. Tomorrow is forecast to continue the deteriorating weather trend.

A regal pose for a common bird.

I watched the tide go out in Coos Bay waiting for the sun to break through the clouds. Shortly before noon, as the tide reached full low, I gave up the wait and headed out for the day. I didn’t have any real plan other than see more of the Oregon coast. I ended up south of my RV home at the Bullard Beach State Park. In addition to the beach the park contains the Coquille River Lighthouse. It is one of many lighthouses along the coast that used to be a primary aid to navigation. This light house like most of the others has been replaced by technology and other more modern aids to navigation.

Coquille River Lighthouse
Coast Guard boat heading out the river for the ocean.
Coast Guard Helicopter rendezvous with the Coast Guard boat.

I walked the beach dodging all of the big pieces of driftwood that littered the beach. Somebody had put a lot of work into collecting many of the pieces into big piles. The intent may have been to have a fire on the beach, but right now the entire area is under a fire ban. The wave action in the ocean was very active with the incoming tide supported by the wind. A few of the waves were breaking over the jetty on the north side of the Coquille River when I walked out to the end, but the view was worth it.

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