Travel to Coos Bay Oregon

Friday August 2nd 2019

I got started on my 130 mile drive up the coast about 10:30AM. It was a sunny clear day over the land for the drive. A fog bank hovered a short distance off shore. The temperature climbed to around seventy degrees.

Following US 101 up the coast presented just about every type of driving. It was mostly a two lane road, but a couple of areas had been upgraded to a divided highway. Between the slow crawl through towns the road followed high above the shoreline clinging to the edge of the cliffs or the road passed through forests well inland from the coast. There were several “surprise” hills that I couldn’t get a running start at the climb, so the RV bogged down to a forty to fifty mile an hour crawl up the slope. The down hills also required some down shifting. A lot of partially repaired road surfaces got the RV bouncing around more than I was comfortable with. The patched road was uneven. Often in just the wrong way. When the RV is the middle of a turn to the right a dip that only the left side goes down into is not fun to control.

View of the Pacific Ocean from a pullout along US 101. The dark line crossing from the left near the middle of the picture is a fog bank out in the ocean.

It would have been nice to stop along the way, but without a navigator it is hard. The signs announcing a road side turnout don’t give you much warning. They usually were on the wrong side of the road and traffic prevented me from slowing down enough to determine if there was room for a big RV. I will be returning to various points along my route in the car over the next few weeks. I only managed to stop at one turnout on the inland side of the road to get a good look at the fog bank out in the Pacific Ocean.

Site 49 at the Mill Casino Hotel and RV Park.

I arrived at my destination for the next two weeks shortly after 1PM. I’ll be staying at the Mill Casino Hotel and RV Park on the shore of the Coos River in a harbor area that is part of Coos Bay. This is a modern facility for RVs with paved full hookup sites separated by plantings in rock filled beds. The view of the boat traffic out my window should be entertaining.

Working Tugboat passing by my RV home during the afternoon.

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