Last Day in Gold Hill

Tuesday July 30th 2019

The temperature was in the comfortable range today. It peaked in the mid eighties and the smoke wasn’t a big problem. Today was the best day since the Milepost 97 fire started last Thursday afternoon. Visibility was better and you couldn’t really smell the smoke for a change.

Today is my last day in this part of Oregon. I’m moving to the coast tomorrow. The first two nights will be in northwestern California and then its back north along the Oregon coast. I needed to get a few groceries, so I drove into Medford this morning. The Walmart Super Center was realatively new and big, but it had a smaller grocery section than I’m used to finding. The food aisles were shorter and narrower. To fit the entire variety of products they seemed to only stock the larger sizes of packaged products. I don’t have room for a large box of Cornflakes and I don’t use big cans of vegetables. I got the essentials of meat, bread, milk and a few other things and will wait until next time for the right size packaging on other items.

Visibility was better today. This area has a lot of ranching both cattle and horse.

Oregon doesn’t have a sales tax. I’m trying to take advantage of that to buy a few things that I need or just want. I don’t have a list, just random thoughts and memories. To prompt my buying urge, I’ve been wandering through stores. Some people call it shopping. I just look at it as an indoor walk. So far I’ve only bought a couple of shirts to replace a few stained and ratty ones in my current wardrobe. I expect to visit the inside of a few more stores over the remainder of my stay in Oregon.

Back at my RV home this afternoon I started the travel preparation process. For some reason I’ve gotten more stuff out than usual at this stop. I got caught up this evening so I won’t have anything additional to complete in the morning. The one hundred miles of travel tomorrow will not be easy Interstate driving day. I have to travel on a twisty hilly route over the coastal mountains. I never know what I’m going to come across.

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