Travel Day to Crescent City California

Wednesday July 31st 2019

I didn’t linger in bed watching the morning talk shows. Instead I was up and working on the final packing for a travel day. I don’t rush. It’s a do a little, have a little breakfast then do some more type of activity. It was close to the 11AM checkout when I pulled out of the campground in Gold Hill. The air was hazy with smoke and the temperature was in the low eighties. At the completion of my 90 mile move to the coast, it was clear with temperatures in the mid seventies.

Blossom of the day

Most of my trip was on US 192 from Grants Pass Oregon to Crescent City California. It’s known as the Redwood Highway and is primarily a two lane road as it climbs over the coastal range down into the Redwood National and State Parks. I had read reviews of the road on the internet that ranged from horrific to easy travel. With the wide range of opinion about the road, my stress level was higher than normal. Judging by how tired I am this evening, it must have been much higher than normal. It turned out that the climb and most of the trip through Oregon was easy. The California part was the down hill part. It included a tunnel and many sharp turns around rock slide prone cliffs and steep drop offs. I met and successfully passed several big trucks going in the opposite direction at less than desirable locations. At times I had to go pretty slow to safely negotiate some of the turns and managed to get a few cars backed up behind me. There were plenty of turn outs to allow others to pass. Overall it wasn’t a bad drive.

The worst driving part of the trip was the last few miles through the redwood forest. The trees add an additional complication. Tall redwoods six feet or more in diameter line the road. The pavement winds between the trees. The turns seem sharper than the ones around the cliffs at higher elevations. I think it was a very pretty area, but I didn’t really have a chance to look at the scenery. Tomorrow I’ll go back and check the area out.

I wasn’t able to buy gas in Grants Pass. As I feared the station that was accessible for my large rig, was full of cars. I would have had to wait in the busy street for an available pump. I continued on my journey to the coast. I found cheap gas, for California, by a lucky mistake. The sign for my destination campground is not very visible from the highway. I was passed the entrance before I knew I needed to turn. Looking for an easy place to turn around, I found an Indian Casino with a gas station about seven miles up the road. Gas was $3.359 a gallon. I put $100 worth in today and may fill the tank the rest of the way on Friday when I leave here.

Site C7 at the Crescent City/Redwood KOA.

After stopping for gas I returned to my destination. It was just before 2PM when I arrived. I’m at the Crescent City/Redwood KOA for two nights.

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