Watching the Water Flow Over the Rocks

Monday July 29th 2019

The forest fire smoke conditions today were a little better for most of the day. Late in the day the smoke settled in a little more, but it wasn’t a big concern most of the day. The temperature was also much more pleasant in the mid eighties.

Late this morning after a leisurely breakfast watching the overnight residents pack and depart, I resumed my scouting mission for an easy to access gas station. I should put gas in the RV when I travel on Wednesday. With just less than 100 miles to travel, I could get by without filling up. The tank would be likely be under a quarter full when I arrived at my destination in California. Every indicator I’ve seen says that gas on the California coast is significantly more expensive, so getting gas in Oregon is worth the hassle.

I found one station in Grants Pass on my exit route with easy access as long as it isn’t very busy. If the pumps have a line up, I’ll have to skip the station. There isn’t sufficient room for me to wait without my back end sticking out onto the road. If I miss that opportunity, there is one other possibility I saw 35 miles down the road in Cave Junction on my last scouting trip. After that, it’s probably California.

On my way back to camp I stopped at the Ti’lomikh Falls on the Rogue River again. When I was there last week I saw a couple of rafts running the rapids. I hoped to see similar action today. The trails were empty and the river didn’t have any action either. I spent some time watching the water flow over the rocks and taking pictures. A couple of times I thought I saw fish trying to fight the current, but the location was well away from the bank. It may have just been wishful thinking.

Tomorrow I’ll make one more shopping run before I leave the big city area. I know there are plenty of stores on the Oregon coast, but I won’t be there until Friday. The two night stay in the northwestern corner of California will be busy seeing the sights. Starting Friday I’ll be in the Coos Bay area for four weeks at two different campgrounds. I plan to range up and down the coast a hundred miles or so north and south from Coos Bay while I’m there.

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