Smoke Gets in My Eyes

Sunday July 28th 2019

The heavy smoke filled the valley overnight and all day today. The previous two days have had some noticeable variation in the smoke density, but not today. The milepost 97 fire is burning over 9000 acres on both sides of Interstate 5 now. The campground I’m staying at is located at milepost 40.

This morning I made a search for clear air and visibility. Thirty miles to the south was just as bad. I couldn’t see the details on the sides of the valley. I looped back 15 miles to the west and it wasn’t any better. It’s really kind of depressing. Luckily I’ve seen most of the things I wanted to visit in this area. I have two more full days in this area before I move on.

The sun about three hours before sunset.

I spent most of the day inside watching TV and reading. The NASCAR race from Pocono PA and a little bit of golf kept me from total boredom. Late in the afternoon people started arriving to fill the campsites vacated this morning. Watching people park and get setup has its own level of entertainment value. I’m sure watching me setup is equally amusing to others.

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